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80 Lady 3-Gunners Compete in 7th Annual Fall Fest Matches

AUSTIN, TX — This month women traveled to Missouri from 17 different states to participate in shooting clinics, stage walkthroughs, social activities, and ultimately 2 fantastic matches. The Team Pistol Challenge and Multigun Challenge took place at the beautiful Lucas Ranch with 80 female competitors tackling 14 stages over 3 days. A Girl & A Gun (AG & AG) is proud to announce the results of the 2022 Fall Festival, which included the only all-ladies 3-gun match in the Nation.

“We were honored to offer two great match experiences to these incredible ladies,” said Robyn Sandoval, Executive Director of AG & AG. “In addition to the camaraderie of women coming together to enjoy a sport they love, the event had challenging stages, talented staff, and a wonderful prize table thanks to the generosity of our sponsors.” Vortex, Walther, Magpul, Daniel Defense, Streamlight, Stag Arms, GLOCK, Gun Goddess, and many other industry leaders contributed more than $106,000 worth of swag and prizes for the AG & AG competitors.

Match Director Larry Goedhart designed and built the stages with fun and technical maneuvers in mind. The Team Pistol Challenge featured six stages that competitors tackled in two-women teams. The Multigun Challenge was a true multigun experience with 3-gun, 2-gun, and 1-gun stages in square bays and natural terrain throughout the Lucas property. The exceptional team of Range Officers ensured the event was fun and safe.

While several competitors were sponsored professionals, many participants were shooting their first major match. “It was such a pleasure to train and coach this young lady at her first major,” said Eileen Kerlin about Corrin Burner. “She put in so much hard work prior to and at the match. She’s been shooting for less than 2 years and placed 3rd in the limited division. She has a future in shooting! I’m so proud of her.” AG & AG continues to be a leader in welcoming new competitors into the shooting sports.

In the Team Pistol Challenge, each team fired more than 300 rounds throughout the day. In the Multigun Challenge, competitors fired over 175 rounds of rifle, over 175 rounds of pistol, over 150 rounds of birdshot, and nearly 10 slugs. Carbine targets ranged from as close as 10 yards to as far as 800 yards. This was Goedhart’s first event with AG & AG and it was a tremendous success.

Congratulations to the Winners of the Team Pistol Challenge:


  1. All A’ss: Katrina Reed & Tennille Chidester
  2. Thelma and Louise: Cindy Coker & Ursula Williams


  1. Smoke and Hope: Dianna Muller & Ashlynne Thomas
  2. Not Fast Just Furious: Eileen Kerlin & Jenifer Pirrone


  1. Double C’s: Cheryl Fordyce & Chelsie Creps
  2. Resting Bitch Faces: Sue Wasserman & Tammy Parks

Congratulations to the Winners of the Multigun Challenge:

  • Tac Ops Winner: Reanna Kadic
  • Limited Winner: Cindy Coker
  • Open Winner: Dianna Muller
  • PCC Winner: Tina Martin
  • High Junior: Ashlynne Thomas
  • High Senior: Nancy Grunnet
  • High Super Senior: Patricia Johnson

Photo Credit: Dave JenShoot

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