3-Gun University allows shooters to learn all aspects of the sport: pistol shooting, rifle shooting and optics, shotgun shooting and reloading, gear and equipment, and the gaming mindset and rules. Participants enjoy 1:1 time with professional shooters to learn from the best and obtain the fundamental skills needed to be a successful 3-gun competitor. Depending on the format, competitors can run a stage or a match under the tutelage of a coach to help make mental preparations, plan reloads, and hone strategies.

3-Gun University @ Fall Fest

Your 3GU Experience at Fall Fest starts with clinics, where you get individualized instruction with professional shooters on all 3GU topics, including live-fire training and lecture classes. You’ll also enjoy VIP squadding with a professional shooter who will coach you through all 8 stages of the match. Your squad comprises other 3GU participants, so that everyone can learn together and compete with others on a similar experience level.

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Competition MasterMind

The Competition MasterMind program brings the pros directly into your home. You’ll enjoy a 2-hour interactive video webinar with sponsored shooters for a monthly virtual training session. In each session, you’ll focus on a new 3GU topic, enjoy a Q&A session, and learn tricks of the trade that you can practice at home. An exclusive Facebook group for 3GU MasterMind participants allows you to set goals and share victories with your virtual squadmates.

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Have you ever wondered what 3-gun competition is all about?

How do you get started? Where do you get training?

Here is your answer: 3-Gun University

A Girl & A Gun gathers the best competitors in the industry for exclusive training in the 3-gun sport. Participants have access to professional shooters to (1) learn the fundamentals of shooting and the rules of the game, and then (2) receive meaningful support to grow beyond the entry level and be real contenders.

With 3 different ways to enjoy the 3GU experience, newbies and experienced competitors can learn and expand their skills in the friendly and professional environment that AG & AG is known for.

3GU Instructor and 2016 & 2017 Fall Fest Champion Ashley Rheuark

What is 3GU?

3GU is a personalized program for aspiring 3-gun competitors. Participants learn tips and tricks from pro shooters. Live-fire classes focus on fundamentals in all platforms with paper and steel targets at varying distances. Lectures classes address gear, optics, and related topics.

3GU Prerequisites

3GU assumes that participants have familiarity with each firearm platform. While fundamentals will be addressed, shooters should be able to comfortably operate their pistols, rifles, and shotguns without assistance prior to attending the program.

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