2Q 2013 Quarterly Match Winners

Congratulations to our 2Q 2013 Quarterly Match winner, Julie Citro from Oklahoma City (pictured, right)! Julie was timed at 18.28 seconds and she received $177.50!

The difference between winning first place and third place was only .31 of a second! Second place was Linda Waterman from Newington and third place was Hillary Dube, who is also from Newington.

Our top overall shooter was Newington facilitator Samantha Galante with a time of 15.78 seconds.

Our 2Q match had 76 women participants from 13 chapters. The nationwide average raw time was about 27.5 seconds and the total time including penalty was about 34.5 seconds. None of the shooters finished the match with a penalty score of 0.

2Q Course of Fire:
Registration Deadline: All entrants for this quarter’s match must shoot prior to July 16, 2013, and must be AG & AG members.
Facilitators’ Deadline: Scores must be submitted to match coordinator by July 20.
Stage: 12 rounds total with target (provided by match coordinator) at 7 yards (21 feet). String 1 -Load 6 rounds. Begin at a low ready (or compressed ready if necessitated by the range). Top row from left to right: shoot 2 rounds into each of the circles (2-2-2). String 2 – Reload 6 more rounds. Begin at a low ready (or compressed ready if necessitated by the range). Bottom row from left to right: shoot 1 round in the first target, 2 in the second, and 3 in the third (1-2-3).
Scoring: Chapter and national winners will have the fastest times. Top row: 0 penalty points for everything in the purple square, 0.5 second (half second) penalty for inside the circle, and a 1 second penalty for any shot not in the circle. Bottom row: 1 second penalty for any shot not in the circle.
Firearms: Handguns only with no scopes or laser sights. No individual categories.
Fees: Entry fee is $15 with $7 going to the chapter winner’s pot, $5 going to national winner’s pot and $3 to HQ for targets, postage, etc.
Prizes: There will be one overall winner for each chapter. There will be three national winners – first, second, and third place – where the national pot will be divided with 50% going to the first place winner, 30% to the second place winner, and 20% to the third place winner. There will also be a facilitator category.

National Winners:

Member Chapter

String 1 Time

String 2


Total Time


Julie Citro Oklahoma City






Linda Waterman Newington






Hillary Dube Newington






Chapter Winners:

Member Chapter Prize Pot
Sabra Pope Baton Rouge $28.00
Katie Ryan Colorado Springs $21.00
Nancy Merrell-Robinson Cumming $49.00
Margo Liss Dallas-East $14.00
Kandice Wright Fort Worth-North $35.00
Milly Miller Marietta $42.00
Linda Waterman Newington $126.00
Leesa Thomas Northeast Ohio $7.00
Julie Citro Oklahoma City $14.00
Nancy McFerron San Antonio $42.00
Ravonda Murphy So. Indiana $42.00
Tiffany Moyal Tallahassee $42.00
Sonia Segraves Walla Walla $35.00
Samantha Galante Facilitator $60.00

If you would like your chapter to participate in the 3Q match then talk with your facilitator. The more participants, the bigger the prizes! Register today for 3Q!


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