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Instructor Spotlight – Sarah & Jon Hauptman

Sarah Hauptman is the “First Lady” of PHLster, co-inventor of the Enigma concealment system, and an avid recreational (and occasionally competitive) pistol shooter. Jon Hauptman is the owner and operator of PHLster Holsters, where he designs cutting-edge concealed carry equipment, and the PhillyEDC YouTube channel where he provides open-source lessons on how to make and refine your own Kydex […]

Instructor Spotlight – Diana Rathborne

Diana Rathborne is a seasoned master instructor in the martial arts of Filipino Kali, Jun Fan/Jeet Kune Do and Muay Thai under legendary instructors Dan Inosanto, Siruchai Sirisute, Rick Faye and Erik Paulson. She also holds Coach credentials in Combat Submission Wrestling & has law enforcement instructor certifications for Defensive Tactics & firearms. She has been […]