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2019 Gun Buy Program

A membership to A Girl & A Gun gives you access to exclusive benefits that can only be provided by an organization with the scale and reach of AG & AG. In addition to numerous other perks, AG & AG members now have access to an exclusive pricing program on firearms ranging from personal defense, to competition, to recreation in every style and budget.

Dry-Fire Practice: Essential Training

Dry-fire practice is an essential part of your training. Training and practice with your firearm should be priority number one as a firearms owner. We practice being safe, accurate, and knowledgeable with these tools we use as a means of self-defense and to enjoy recreationally. When done correctly, dry-fire practice reinforces safe gun handling habits as well as a convenient and inexpensive way to build your skills using repetition without having to be at the range.

Benefits of Private Instruction

There are many reasons why working with a Firearms Instructor in private training environment can be key to achieving your shooting goals. Whether they be self-defense based, competitive sports-driven or for just fun recreational time at the range, Here are six critical reasons why you should have a private session or two, or three, as well as the benefits that you are likely to achieve.