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Liberals, Join Us! An Invitation from a Former Anti-Gunner

Some experts predicted that firearms sales would slow down after the election of Donald Trump, but the BBC recently reported on the rise in gun owners due to the anxiety about the upcoming administration. People of color, LGBTQ individuals, and left-leaning Americans are increasingly becoming gun owners to protect themselves from attacks and fears that a Trump administration will fulfill stump speeches of border closings, deportations, militarism, and global disruption. I am here with open arms to welcome new people to the firearms community! I, too, became a gun owner five years ago because I realized that the world is one day away from chaos. Welcome to the party.

Understanding Range Commands

The purpose of range commands is to establish clear, concise, and standard methods of range operation in order to make things move efficiently and enhance safety. On a shooting range, in a firearms class, or in competition, commands are just that: commands! They are not suggestions or good ideas – they are words that demand a particular course of action.

Etiquette on the Range

There are unspoken rules of etiquette within our shooting community that should be observed at the range. Sometimes you don’t find out about them until you have done something wrong and are on the receiving end of some harsh criticism. To save you from having to learn the hard way, here are seven ways you can be a respected shooter the first time – and every time – you walk into the range.