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​​Members Master Transition Skills in the First Quarterly Match of 2014

A Girl & A Gun ladies tore up the newly introduced A Girl and A Gun logo’d targets across the nation in the First Quarterly Top Shot Match of 2014. Sixty-nine women from 14 chapters took on this transitioning challenge.
This competition was divided into centerfire and rimfire categories.

Bragging rights with the nation’s best time goes to our facilitator from the Southwest Kentucky Chapter, Suzie Doer, with a time of 17.75 second. Along with leading the facilitator category, she brings home a pot of $108.

Coming in first in the rimfire division (and third in the centerfire division also) was Betsi Sanders of Newbury, Ohio, with a time of22.07 winning the rimfire pot of $25. Marilyn Harwood of Northeast Ohio and Linda Waterman of Newington, Connecticut, round out the rimfire winners taking second and third place respectively.

Michelle Earl of San Antonio, Texas, topped 50 other centerfire competitors with a time of 24.21 seconds and will take home $125. Holly Starr of North Ft. Worth, Texas, was barely outscored by Earl by three tenths of a second to take second place. Betsi Sanders pulled out her second gun to take third in the centerfire division
Thanks to all the participants and congratulations to all the winners!

Next quarter’s match will be our first Back-Up Gun (BUG) match, so clean your carry pistols and start practicing. A Girl and A Gun will also be rewarding our members just for participating. For every 50 competitors, AG & AG will randomly select one participant to receive a $25 AG & AG gift certificate. The more that shoot, the more that win!

You can get more information about AG & AG quarterly matches at or contact Sandra Kozero at

1Q2014 Winners

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