DC Project

The D.C. Project

The D.C. Project is a nonpartisan initiative bringing 50 women, one from each state, to Washington, DC, to establish relationships with their legislators, and reveal the faces and stories of firearms owners and 2nd Amendment supporters.


  • July 6-8, 2016- Delegate Meetings with Legislators
  • July 8, 2016- Rally in front of the Capitol at 2pm

Goals of the DC Project

  • Highlight the diversity of gun owners and the rising female demographic.
  • Encourage the preservation of America’s gun culture, from conservation and commerce to competitive sports, hunting, and self-defense.
  • Give legislators an opportunity to meet a real gun owner and 2A supporter and have a resource for information or education on firearms-related topics.

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Locate your Senators and Representative


ex: 1600 Pennsylvania Ave, Washington, DC 20500


  • Alabama ~ Beth Alcazar
  • Alaska ~ Elizabeth Pearch
  • Arizona ~ Cheryl Todd
  • Arkansas ~ Allison Neil Launius
  • California ~ Lara Smith
  • Colorado ~ Kimberly Corban
  • Connecticut ~ Brooke Cheney
  • Delaware ~ You?
  • DC ~ Gayle Trotter
  • Florida ~ Clover Lawson
  • Georgia ~ Katrina Reed
  • Hawaii ~ You?
  • Idaho ~ You?
  • Illinois ~ Lori Ann Blackwell
  • Indiana ~ Erica Hoadland
  • Iowa ~ Jeanelle Westrom
  • Kansas ~ Corinne Mosher
  • Kentucky ~ Deb DeSpain
  • Louisiana ~ Adrianna Eschete
  • Maine ~ You?
  • Maryland ~ Rebecca King
  • Massachusetts ~ You?
  • Michigan ~ You?
  • Minnesota ~ Tiffany & Dakota Overland
  • Mississippi ~ Kim Condon
  • Missouri ~ Suzi Huntington
  • Montana ~ You?
  • Nebraska ~ Lori & Samantha Armstrong
  • Nevada ~ Amanda Johnson
  • New Hampshire ~ You?
  • New Jersey ~ Robin Wright
  • New Mexico ~ You?
  • New York ~ Annette Stevens-Dorr
  • North Carolina ~ Tina Martin-Nims & Heather Miller
  • North Dakota ~ You?
  • Ohio ~ Amanda Suffecool
  • Oklahoma ~ Dianna Muller
  • Oregon ~ You?
  • Pennsylvania ~ Megan Snyder & Patti Kenes
  • Rhode Island ~ Daria Bruno
  • South Carolina ~ Amy Dillon
  • South Dakota ~ You?
  • Tennessee ~ You?
  • Texas ~ Robyn Sandoval & Gabby Franco
  • Utah ~ Sarah Weller
  • Vermont ~ You?
  • Virginia ~ Megan Boland & Jane Horton
  • Washington ~ Katy Brown
  • West Virginia ~ You?
  • Wisconsin ~ Becky Yackley
  • Wyoming ~ April Strong

Rally at the U.S. Capitol

DC Project 2016 Rally
Printable Flyer: DC Project flyer (.pdf)


Amy Dillon ~ South Carolina
Amy Dillon is a former Marine Corps Drill Instructor and Combat Marksmanship Instructor. Amy served 12 years active-duty and is now committed to pursuing her goals in the firearms industry and legal community. She is certified as a Concealed Weapons Permit Instructor by the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division, State of Utah Bureau of Criminal Identification, and Georgia Carry Organization. She is also a certified NRA firearms instructor and Chief Range Safety Officer, as well as a Personal Safety Academy Instructor for the SABRE Civilian Safety Awareness Program. Amy is employed as a Firearms Instructor by Palmetto State Armory and freelance writer.

Gabby Franco ~ Texas
Gabby is most widely known for being a contestant on History Channel’s Top Shot Season Four and Top Shot All Stars. She has been involved in competition shooting for more than 20 years. In September 2000 she participated in the XXVII Olympic Games in Sydney, Australia. Gabby also won gold and silver medals in many international shooting competitions. Today, Gabby teaches firearms classes around the US to civilians and law enforcement, but calls Dallas her home. She is a NRA News commentator, member of the Remington Shooting team and author of, Troubleshooting: Mastering Your Pistol Marksmanship.

Corinne Mosher ~ Missouri
Corinne Mosher attended the University of Missouri Kansas City where she studied at the prestigious Conservatory of Music. In 2012 after privately teaching for six years, she left her music studio and began working as the lead instructor and Director of Education at Centerfire Shooting Sports. Corinne entered the sport of competitive shooting (3gun) in early 2014 and has quickly gained a national and international following on social media sites. Corinne is married to a local Police Officer and has a 9 year old daughter who enjoys shooting and Kansas City Royals baseball.

Amanda Suffecool ~ Ohio
Amanda Suffecool is an engineer who spends her spare time sharing her love of country, constitution and the 2nd Amendment. For more than 13 years she has been an NRA certified instructor in 8 disciplines, along with FEMA, OSHA and ALICE. In 2014 Amanda initiated the not for profit group REALIZE firearms awareness coalition. REALIZE has hosted many public education seminars including; a Police and Community Relations panel discussion, an annual Appraisal Fair, The Preppers Ball, a church self-defense program, and multiple Woman’s Day at the Range programs. Amanda, along with her brother Rob Campbell, host the firearms education radio show, Eye on the Target.

Dianna Liedorff Muller ~ Oklahoma
Dianna Muller recently retired from the Tulsa Police Department after 22 years of service. Her assignments included patrol, Street Crimes, Narcotics, and Gangs. After starting a life and career in Tulsa, Diana pursued horse shows and barrel racing until she found 3-gun in 2009. By 2011, she sold her farm and horses to focus on 3 gun and the 2nd Amendment. Dianna has earned a plethora of High Lady wins, and been highlighted by the NRA in “American Warrior”, the Washington Post and NRA Women. She has a passion to introduce the shooting sports and showcasing gun owners and the 2nd Amendment in a positive light.

Cheryl Todd ~ Arizona
Cheryl Todd, is the owner of AZFirearms.com, Pot Of Gold Estate Auctions, and owner & co-host of Gun Freedom Radio. She has 30 years’ experience in business and holds a degree in Psychology. A wife of over 30 years, mother, and grandmother, Cheryl speaks to the value of her 2nd Amendment Rights through the lens of self-protection and instilling those values in the generations to come. Cheryl is a lifetime member of the NRA, the ASRPA, the AZCDL, and supports Refuse To Be A Victim, Child Safe, and The Eddie Eagle Program.

Becky Yackley ~ Wisconsin
Becky Yackley is a competitive shooter and mother, working to promote the 2nd Amendment through writing for Guns America and organizing youth shooting clinics via 2AHeritage.org. Her husband and sons are accomplished shooters as well, and the family has multiple National & World titles, as well as All American, and junior records. She has competed in shooting under NCAA, NRA, USPSA, IPSC and covering disciplines from 3 gun to Smallbore, Highpower rifle, Palma rifle, shotgun, Summer Biathlon, and pistol. This year she is working on two series surrounding shooting for Guns America: one on Competitive shooting, and one on Kids and Guns.

Gayle Trotter ~ Washington, DC
Gayle Trotter is a mother of six, columnist, political analyst and attorney who regularly appears on TV, most recently on Fox News Channel’s The Kelly File and MediaBuzz and contributes to The Hill, The Daily Caller, Townhall and other well-known political websites. Gayle has an insider’s view of Washington, D.C., serving as senior fellow at the Independent Women’s Forum, vice president of the Kirkpatrick Society and co-founder of a law firm in the metro D.C. area. Gayle first attracted national media attention in 2013 with her testimony before the United States Judiciary Committee hearing on gun rights and gun violence in America.


Help subsidize our travel costs! Donations can be made through the not-for-profit REALIZE Firearms Awareness Coalition.


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